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Never too far! 

The space between you and me
are miles and mile and miles,
and yet when I close my eyes
those miles seem to disappear.

I can see you here beside me
and I can hear your voice so clear,
as if you were actually standing here
and whispering in my ear.

With my eyes still closed
I can feel your touch of kindness
and your arms around me tight
and I ask you to stay awhile
and never let me go.

I am not sure how I can ever
repay you for the kindness
you have shared, or for the love
that you have given me without
asking for anything in return.

But today I want to send to you
from the bottom of my heart
all the love and kindness
that is within me to send.

I cherish you
I need you
I love you
more and more 
each passing day!!!!

This page was written and created by VICKI RUSSELL

by: Vicki Russell

Copyright 1998 Vicki Russell RUSSELLCONNECTION

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