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My Special Friend

To YOU .. my special friend
who picks me up when I am down
who makes me smile when I feel sad
who makes me feel there is a brighter tomorrow
who is always there to hold my hand

To YOU .. my special friend
I give you my hand in friendship
I give you my smile in happiness
I give you a hug for tenderness
I give you my heart in love

To YOU .. my special friend
my wishes are bountiful
wishing all the many blessings
that anyone could bestow
on such a special friend
today, tomorrow and everyday
for the rest of your life!!

I hope you are never lonely
or never feeling blue
I hope you always feel loved
by the many who do
and above everything I hope
that I will always be your friend!


This page was written and created by Vicki Russell
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by: Vicki Russell

Copyright 1998 Vicki Russell RUSSELLCONNECTION
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