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The time has come I think you know
the Lord is calling so I must go
I love you so much; I wish it wasn't so
I wish I could stay; I don't want to go

You're the best Husband anyone could ever have
so kind and gentle never mean or sad
I'll never forget the day that we met
I was so lucky to become your Wife
You opened your door and showed me your heart
I'll never forget you; we'll never part
You loved me and cared for me over the years
you taught me everything and took away my fears

The Lord is calling now I must go
but before I go I want you to know
I know it hurts to lose a Loved ones
but I'll always be with you even to the end

By Jennette Miller Copyright © 1999



If there is one ingredient which add warmth to our lives,
it is friendship.
If there is one relationship to help through all the others
it is friendship.
friends surrounds us with their beauty and with their caring.
With friends we can share what we see,
what we feel and what we love.
Friends help us with our problems because they listen.
And as they listen we begin to hear the language
of our own hearts.
with friends we can walk along the path of our lives
and completely share our own experiences.
With friends we can work the soil of forgotten dreams
that needed to be tended and nurtured once again.
with friends we can plant the seed of our hearts
and new dreams
We can always return to our friends like going back
to a special place and find the same warm feeling
unchanged by time oe distance.
life gives us friends so we can share the precious times
and memorable moments of being children,teenagers,
adults, parents and grandparents.
Life gives us friends so we can share the growing up and
growing down and growing old.
With friends we have a place to go to and
be accepted and understood.
together we can laugh.
Together wa can cry.
Our thoughts are heard.
our feelings heard in the heart of the field.
With friends our lives are made more full. more rich,
more open, more beautiful and blessed.
Thank you for being my friend.

From TOM and the GANG !!!!!!



Deep inside the crystal forest
Where many fear to go
Is a place of peace and harmony
Where the springs of eternity flow.

This is where the faeries live
And pass away the hours
Dancing thru the trees,
Playing in the flowers.

Faeries flitting on gossamer wings
Is a common sight
Their wings of rainbow colors
Unfold,quietly taking flight.

Come and take the journey
To find your child within
Open up you heart and mind
And watch the magic begin.


I feel a gentle stirring
Deep within my heart
The love we've just made...
It is only just the start.

I look outside the window
Moon shinning over the knoll
Two hearts have joined
To form one perfect soul.

The snow is gently falling
Love is all around
Something magical has happened
A message is Heaven bound.

I prayed for a daughter
I guess we will know soon
If an Angel was conceived tonight
By the Light of the Moon.


Our friendship is soothing
Like a warm gentle breeze
A soft tender rustle
Thru the leaves of the trees...

Our friendship can bloom
Like a beautiful spring day
Yours and mine did
In such a beautiful way...

Our friendship brings rainbows
After the storm
It appears in the winter
To keep our hearts warm.

Our friendship withstands hardships
As the winter wind blows
Like  a candle in the window
With its warm soft glow.

Copyright 1998  Christine Mcclimans  aka Corky Ferguson


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