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Friends Forever
Friends fight
Friends bite
Friends fright
Friends unite

Friends yell
Friends hit
Friends tease
Friends forgive

Friends are always together
Friends always care
Friends always make things right
Friends listen when you need their help

Friends can be more than friends
Friends can meet in weird spots like AOL
Friends can talk and fight
Bet when it is over they forgive one another

Friends can be people from far away
Friends will still talk no matter what
Friends are until the end of time and more
Friends care and share their feelings

So just tell them the truth say I LOVE YOU!
You might find that they care for you
So the next time you see you friend
tell them how you feel
Go out and do what is right

By: Brian Osterhout .. send comments to :


Oh How I do love you so
Its very hard for my heart & mind to let you go
Don't worry I won't be a bother in anyway
Only needed to express my feelings if I may

I can't work it out Have lots of sadness in many bouts
We've been together now just over eight years
Future without you brings me tears

I'm sorry for the misunderstandings
But at least there were some happy landings
I too had dreams and hopes
Of life together we would cope
To support each other and share
With the added bonus of love & care

Like you I wanted some understanding
So together we could develop with some planning
As life together is meant to be
A partnership of the good, bad & the ugly
Now these hopes seem shattered
Life with you did really matter

How can this all be
It's not something I wanted to see
An ending to a special love
That's why I had to write all of the above
To let you know How this has affected me so

I have always been faithful & true
Even when we've been apart or had a blue
I did try hard not to make you mad
That it didn't work makes me sad
When I thought that I was getting it right
The goal posts seem to move to another site
Yes sometimes I was unintentionally remiss
Yet who is not occasionally like this

Guess there's nothingelse to say
We happen to perceive things in a different way
But what do I do now that I've died a little inside
Plod on the best I can, my feeling I will try to hide
So it looks like our future is not in this life
I look forward to seeing you
in the next with far less strife

Love always from me to you (John) xx
Thank you for the opportunity to share one
of my many poems I have written.
I think your Web site is fabulous and very enjoyable.
Regards Ellen Benson - Adelaide, South Australia.
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