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WithOut YOU

Without you .. I am so sad
Without you .. I can't think ahead
Without you .. I have no future
Without you ... I feel so dead

I know that is dramatic
and it is meant to be
so that it will tell you
how important you are to me!

I try to imagine what life would be
without you
I try to think of things that I might do
without you
I try to imagine the years ahead
without you
and the only feeling I have is dead
without you

So I want to plan my days
with you
I want to do many things
with you
I want to share the many years ahead
with you
I want to die knowing you and sharing
my life with you!


Have you ever met someone
and right away you knew
they were a life time friend?
or maybe more!!

Sometimes ... that person just makes
everything seem all right.
Always makes you smile!
Always knows just what to say
to make you feel not alone.
Always seems to understand!

We never want to let this person go
sometimes struggling with things
such as .. it this person a friend?
a lover?
a life time mate?

Maybe the timing is all wrong
Maybe we have responsibilities
and we just can not be more than friends
does that make them less important?

Oh how hard it is .. to share our lives!!
to keep our relationships the way we want them
without hurting others and yet experiencing
all there is in this short life.


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Copyright 1999 Vicki Russell RussellConnection
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