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What If .........

You came into my life
We smiled, we laughed
You touched my heart

then ... because of situations
out of our control .. out of our reach
We had to move on ... leaving Love behind

Do we really leave love behind ??
What if things were different ..
could things change?
Love brings hope and direction
gives us excitement for tomorrow.

The feelings I have now
go everywhere I go
they make the mornings more beautiful
the air more fresh

The feeling of being alive
makes me smile, sometimes .. makes me laugh
the feeling of caring about someone
to put their needs and wants before your own
these are great feelings!

Love is Grand!!
Love conquers All!!
Love is a wondrous thing!!

But when circumstances out of our control
make it so ..... we must let go
makes us sad and lonely
taking away our hope and
our excitement for tomorrow

Our hearts feel broken
We sit and stare and wonder why?
What is the purpose of finding Love
and then having to let it go?

My life will never be the same
You came into my life
made me feel whole
made me look forward to the future
but now .. somehow .. I must go on

I must take the love I feel with me
and turn it into something good
to make tomorrow brighter
to give me hope and direction

To know you and love you
has to be better than never knowing you at all
So I will smile, and go on
I will have hope .. and go on
I hope my love for you
will do the same for you!

WHAT IF ......??????

Created and Written by Vicki Russell on November 12, 2000

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