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Waiting For You

I look out into the distance
and long for your touch
wondering what you are doing
at this very moment in time!

I long for your touch,
I miss your embrace
wondering if you are feeling
the very same things of me?

Being apart is difficult
missing you is hard
but loving you is easy
with each caring thought!

Every chance that I can
I take a moment or two
and remember what it is like
to be loved by someone like you!

So as I stare off into the distance
and think loving thoughts of you
my heart fills with happiness
my soul fills with warmth

So I am waiting for you
with outstretched arms
waiting for your embrace
waiting for your love!
I am here .. waiting for you!

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background image courtesy of
Jesus for African Missions

  Put Your Head on My Shoulder!!!

Copyright 1999 Vicki Russell RussellConnection

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