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Vicki's Quilt Page!!!

What do I do in my "FREE TIME" ...!!
This past year I was into making old fashioned quilts for all my "kids"!!!
Below you can see some of the quilt's I have designed and made!!
I will be adding more pictures as I finish the ones I am working on!!!
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to E-Mail me at!!

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The very first quilt I made was with the help of over 70 exchange students who had come here
to experience American life and live with Host Families in Washington, Alaska, and No. Idaho!!!
With their help I created a wonderful quilt with everlasting memories of the exchange year 1996/1997!!!!!

This quilt I made for my daughter and since I made this one ..
I think I have definitely gotten better at my designs!! =) ...
they have also gotten much bigger!!!

The Quilt you see below  is the one I made for Karsten and he is from Germany!!
He stayed with us for one semester during 1996/1997!!
We had the privilege of meeting Karsten and his family, when we visited
Germany in March of 1999!  We had a great time !!!
All quilts are made with a USA theme on one side and the color theme of the students country's flag on the other side!!!

This quilt was made for Mathieu who was staying with us during the year .. 1997/1998!!
He is from Guadeloupe!!   And I enjoyed having him here with us!!!
He loves to surf and live by the water !!!!
He had the privilege of actually picking out his fabric and helping to decide on what he wanted
because he was here the year I was making all of the quilts!!!

The next quilt you see is the one made for Michél!  He lived with us in 1993/1994 and  is from Holland!!
He is a great kid and we visited him and his family in March of 1999!!
We had a great time and it was great to see the quilt on his bed !!!!

This next quilt was made for Patrik and he is from Sweden!!  Patrik stayed with us for the school year 1992/1993!!
A very good friend from Germany, whom I met on ICQ,
helped me with the idea of the coral reef and fish theme!!
I also had help from  our exchange student Mathieu, who was staying with us!!!

This quilt was made for Thomas, who is also from Sweden and lived with in 1994/1995!
He wanted a more traditional quilt so his isn't made with the Swedish Flag colors!

This quilt was made for Margareth, who is from Norway and lived with in 1991/1992!
This was fun to make because it is more girly than the others . .
and because we have always teased Margareth about BEES ... it has a BEE theme!

This quilt was made for Klaus, who is from Germany and is a ICQ friend!   Klaus helped me to come up with the
Coral Reef theme and everyone liked it so much, That I had to make him one ..
as a THANK YOU gift!!

This Quilt was made for Paula .. she is from Finland .. and lived with us in 87/88!! She was our very
first exchange student .... and the one who started it all !!! .. She is a great person .. her field of
expertise is the medical field! She is a registered Nurse and also helps on week-ends
at the local emergency ambulance service!
Quilt for Paula

 The following Quilt I made  for Paul!  He is from The Netherlands and I met him thru ICQ!!
and Because we did not host during the school year 98/99 .. I sort of adopted him
as my exchange student for the year!! ..  He is as special to me as the rest
of my "kids" !!!!  I had the privilege of meeting Paul when we went to Holland
in March of 1999!!!    That was GREAT !!!!!!

If I make any more quilts .. I will be adding them here!!
 So if you are interested .. check back soon!!!!!!

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