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Peace around the World

a chain letter

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THE World


OH what a wonderful thought
to have peace through out the world
with only memories of past wars fought

to see friendly faces in every land
and feel welcome and safe
Just as God had originally planned

Peace would bring smiling faces
and kind and loving hearts
to many people in different places

It is a dream shared by many
in countries around the world
to have peace and harmony

Won't you join us now
and share in our little prayer
that soon peace will come
to each and everyone?


Dear heavenly Father
so full of love for us
please forgive our obsessions
with lust, money, and power
Please soften the hearts of those
of authority who have the power
to bring us to war
Please guide them in their decisions
to do what is right in their hearts
please protect the young and innocent
and keep from harm's way
Please let all of the countries
continue to thrive for peace
and hamony through out all our lands
Have mercy upon us and give us
compassion for each other
and above all .. may your will
be done and the victory shall be yours!

LET'S PUT THE WHOLE WORLD HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! flag at a time !!!!!!!!............

Send flags to: A FRIEND

There are people wanting peace in this world!


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