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Broken Heart 


What do we do with a broken heart
that's hurting and tearing in two?

You told me that you loved me
and we would be as one,
but now you have changed your mind
and want to have some fun.

I can't begin to describe
the feelings I have inside.
My mind is whirling, my
heart is aching and I think
I shall surely die.

Who can we turn to,
where can we go,
when our lives seem
to be tearing in two?

The pain I feel is so hard to bear
But with my friends all around
and family who love me,
I thank God for all who do care!

So life will go on and so will I,
But will the pain I feel ever die?

This page was written and created by Vicki Russell
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by: Vicki Russell

Copyright 1998 Vicki Russell RUSSELLCONNECTION

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