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The healing of our hearts and mind
is only a thought away
a positive thought can start the change
of taking the pain away.

We have the ability within ourselves
to fill our lives with love and hope
to think of good and not of bad
and it's only a thought away!

Are you down and out?
Does life seem to make you sad
make you cry and feel alone?
feeling there is nowhere to run?

We are never alone .. if we share ourselves
Around each corner, around each bend,
There is someone who cares
If only we could reach out and try

The healing of our hearts and mind
is only an action away
a positive action can start the change
of taking the loneliness away.

Is the pain you feel,  filling your every day?
Is your heart heavy?
Is your mind full of hurts and dismay?
nothing seems to make it go away?

With one good thought
and one positive action
we can start a chain reaction!
A word of kindness
a gesture of love
a hug, a kiss
a fond embrace
is only a second away!

So let's start today
to make a difference
not only for you or for me
but for the one who feels alone
it's only a thought away!


here is a (((((((( HUG ))))))))
only for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!
with a big big SMILE!!!
to share with YOU !!!!!

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Background Photo by Vicki Russell
taken in Norway 1999


  I Will Remember You!!

Copyright 1999 Vicki Russell RussellConnection

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