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New love is like a tidal wave
It completely engulfs your being!
New love is like putting your finger
in an electrical outlet
sending millions of tingles throughout
your body all at once!

Love is like a roaring fire
It provides enough heat
to last a life time!
Love is like having a permanent smile
planted on your face!!
Love is singing off key
and not caring what others may say!
Love is never saying you are sorry,
for forgiveness is only a

NEW LOVE .....
makes our days seem brighter
Gives us hope for tomorrow!!!
NEW LOVE .....
what could be better!!
then OLD LOVE that is
lasting a lifetime !!!
and that is what
I feel for you!!!!
the best kind of love!!

I L O V E Y O U !!!

Created and Written by Vicki Russell .. On Nov. 7, 2000

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I Just Called To Say I Love You!

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