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YOU sure you want to read this!??!?! ... =) !!!!

Well, You are here .. because you wanted to
know more about me !!

Well I was born in Kalispell, Montana! 
One of the prettiest place in the USA ..
the Northwest Corner .. a sportsman paradise!

My parents were Kermit and Martha Anderson
so I was.... Vicki Anderson! I have one older brother
I had one older sister and I have one younger brother

We moved ALOT .. and below .. you will see all
the places we lived ... but for the last 20 years
I have lived in Richland, Washington!
In the desert .. YES .. the desert!!!
Most people do not believe that there is a desert
in Washington State .. The Evergreen State!
but tis true !!!!

I have three beautiful daughters .. of which the oldest
one is pictured over there to the left with me.. 
when we visited Norway in 1999!
and I love each of them .. they are unique
and special in  their own ways and have 
always been a source of pleasure for me!

I also have 8 grandchildren .. and two new ones will
be born this summer
And they are as precious as they come!!
Each one .. unique and processing great 
character traits!  They each hold my heart!

My family is very important to me .. and I didn't
realize how important they were to me .. until just this 
past winter ... and I know now .. that I want to live 
close enough .. to always be in their lives .. as  much
as possible .. Family is so very important!!

I love the four seasons with Spring and Fall
being my most favorite!!  I like to VISIT snow (haha)
and I can't take the heat the summer so I like to live
where it is not real hot ... and here in Richland .. the
summers can be very hot .. so someday
I hope to move to some mountain area
where they do not have lots and lots of snow 
and yet .. is still green and pretty!!!

I enjoy all kinds of things .. but mostly I enjoy
making others happy ..because when they are happy
I find that it usually makes everyone happy,
including me !!! 

I graduated from Walla Walla High School
and got married the next summer ..
my first marriage did not last too long
I was too immature and too foolish
to take it seriously ....... so by the time
I paid for my divorce .. I had already decided to
marry my second husband .. and we shared many 
years together .. but due to lack of communication
somewhere along the way .. we grew apart.. not doing
things together .. not communicating ... and then with
some of life's everyday problems .. and a few years ..
I decided that I wanted to be able to love someone
that I would spend the rest of my life with .. and 
my husband agreed .. by this time ... we had discovered 
that we are just really good friends ... I care about him
and what happens to him ... and he does the same for me
but .... we both want to find someone to love .. that 
we can grow old with...

Well ... that is enough of the very personal stuff ... so ...
from here on ... it will be more fun !!!

Below you will also find a few pictures that I have chosen 
to share with you ... so I hope you will enjoy !!!

I must tell you .... here ... that the one constant in my life
is JESUS ... I don't think I could have gotten through
the last 15 years with out HIM .. HE has given more 
peace of mind .. love .. and encouragement
then I would have received from any one else ..
so To HIM I give my life ... and although I fall
and need help almost daily ... HE always sees me through!

I am a terrible romantic ... as you probably can tell
by reading my pages!! My Mother used to tell me
that  I was in love with love and sometimes
I think that is true ... but I do know what I am looking for
and I do know how I want to be treated
and some day ..some where .. I will find that person
who feels the same way I do !!

Well, I think I have probably bored you enough .. if you have 
even read this far !!!! ... I wish you great happiness 
in your life .. if more people were happy, I think
there would be less crime and hate in the world!
And if through my pages .. I can bring a smile .. make 
someone's heart feel loved  .. give support,
encouragement, uplift someone's spirits,
help them to express how they feel about their 
loved ones .......... .THEN ..I am happy !!!!



My Family
Yellow Roses ... any yellow flower!!!!
Yellow is my favorite color
the 4 seasons
Music .... I like the "Oldies" .. 50's / 60's
but I really like all kinds of music except for screaming guitars!!!
Love ballads ... classical ... techno ... country!!
I like Italian food ... but also like chinese, mexican, and of course American!
Romantic settings .... such as sunsets
waterfalls, star filled nights, a warm fire (inside or outside!)
nice dinner for two .. candles .. soft music!
I enjoy camping, cooking over an open fire!!
I love puppies ... and puppy breath !!
hummm and someday .. I hope to find someone who
loves life the same way I do !!!

 Places I have lived:: ... (are you ready !).......

born in Kalispell, Montana, 
moved to Browning, Montana, (my 2nd and 3rd grade year)
then back to Kalispell, (my 4th grade year)
then moved to Eureka, Montana, (part of my 5th grade year)
then back to Kalispell, (my 6th grade year)
then moved to Havre, Montana, (only during the summer)
then to Shelby, Montana, (my 7th grade year)
then to Sunburst, Montana, (oowww my 8th and 9th grade years)

now we finally leave Montana ...(hahah)

we move to Portland, Oregon!  (WOW ... this is big !!!!!) (humm only the summer)
then to Burbank, Washington  (this is more my size!!)( my sophmore year!)
then to Walla Walla, Washington !! and I graduate from High School!

Now .. keep in mind ... I have spent my entire childhood .. moving !!!
so what do I do .......................... you guessed it .. I move!!!

I moved to Kalispell, MT with a friend .. where I meet my first husband!
I move back to Walla Walla, WA
then I move to Colorado Springs, CO
then back to Walla Walla !!!
oh yes .. then back to Colorado Springs .. where I got married !
then WE move to Kalispell, MT ... (must really like this place!!)
then we move to Walla Walla, WA!!
then we move to Colorado Springs, CO (haha, too many HOME towns)
and now I move back To Walla Walla, WA!! 
then .... I get married again ... and we live in Walla Walla
but then .. WE move to Kalispell, MT
then we move back to Walla Walla, WA
and then we moved back to Kalispell ..(really have to give this place up!)
now we move to Colorado Springs, CO 
and then back to Walla Walla, WA
then we move to Richland ... and aawwww 20 years later .. I am still here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it is a wonder .. isn't it !!!??!!!

Seems strange to be in one place .... when I think of my youth ... but then I feel like we have put some stability in our lives too !!! .. Richland has been a great place to raise our family ... and it is a great place to live ... if you enjoy desert and the HEAT in the summer !!!! 

 This is Émelia and I!
she is just too sweet!!
she is my granddaughter
and behaves and takes 
after her aunt Olina!!

 This is my grandson
Jarod ... and he is quite 
the kid .. might just be a 
football star when he is older!

 This is my three girls!
the apples of my eyes!
I consider them .. my 

Brice and I!  at his and my daugthers Wedding!  Cute isn't he!! This is me .. when I was five years old .. hummmm black and white photo ... do you think that gives away my age?!!??!?!!?!? .... hahahaha

I hope you are not totally bored out of your mind!!
Email me if you wish ...  ... and I will get back to you.. I promise!!


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