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MOM, You are Wonderful

                                                                   written by Vicki Russell

 And I want to Welcome you home!
 You have been through so much
 and there is still so much ahead

 I know there will be days
when you are feeling down
 I want to share your pain .. just reach out your hand!

 I know there will days
 when you are feeling great
  I want to share your smile .. reach our your hand!

 I want you to know today
 how much I care, how much you mean to me
 I want to be at least half the person you have been to me!

 You have brought me much happiness
 you have taught me so much
 This is my time to share this much with you!

 So no matter what the days ahead bring
 please reach out your hand
 and let me share ..
 your love,
 your pain,
 your joy,
 your worries,
 your smile,
 your hurts,
your hopes,
 your sorrows,
 your heart ... shared with mine
 because we are forever linked together
 during this time .. this day .. forever!

  I love you, MOM ...
  Welcome Home !!


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