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To a Wonderful MOM

To the most wonderful Mom
that I have ever known!

How lucky are we!??!??!
to have such a mom ?!?!?!

Some times .. I don't think you are real
some times .. I wonder??

Your wonderful smile and twinkling eyes
oh how can you be so wise!!??

Guiding hands
Loving eyes
gentle words
soft kisses
caring heart
makes you the most wonderful Mom!!

So Today ... of all days
I want to make this wish
that you will have the best day
of the entire year!!!
May you feel loved
and wanted by all that love you
and may you know in your heart
what a difference you have made
in lives of those who love you!

After all ........ you are the most wonderful MOM !!!!!

Many Hugs .. Many kisses .. May God Bless you
each and every day .. through out eternity!!!!!

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Copyright 1999 Vicki Russell RussellConnection
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