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  Love How You Love Me 

I love the way you make me smile
The way you make my heart pound
the sound of your voice, the touch of your hand
Can make my day full of sunshine!

You enter the room from across the way
our eyes meet, my heart melts
no words need to be spoken
I love how you love me!

You reach out and take my hand
at the touch of your hand, the warmth of your love
my entire body fills with abundance
and I know our love is real!

You whisper  so softly .. "I love You"
my heart skips a beat or two
We hold each other close
and I know our love will last!

My days are filled with thoughts of you
Everything I do .. everything I think
is based on you, my love
I Love How You Love Me!!!


Love is awesome !!!! It cures all the wrongs in the world
when people use it right!
Love is not hateful .. not boastful
Love is kind .. and gentle!
Love is giving .. and caring
Loving is doing without regret
Loving is williness to make sacrifices!
Love is Awesome like our Creator
Can take your breath away!!
Can make all the hurt go away!
Can make even the saddest things .. bearable!
Love does and can .. make the world go around!


And .....................

so many people think that LOVE is for the young at heart
but have you looked around !?!?!

the next time you are at the store or a public spot
notice those around you!!!!

Yes, there are many young loves..
and people enjoying their time together..

but true love shines thru the most
when you see that very old couple
stretching out their shaking and weather beaten hands
helping each other in or out of the car,

that special look they give each other,
without ever saying a word

they both know what each other wants
that special nod, that special smile
that makes even your heart stand still

That is the love I want to have in my life
the kind
that makes everything else
stand still!

Love thy neighbor as thy love thyself!

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Background photo:   deer in Glacier Natl' Park, Montana .... by Vicki Russell

  Love How You Love Me!!!


Copyright 1999 Vicki Russell RussellConnection

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