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Just For You!!

           Just For you .. the love of my life!!

Just as fragrant as a red rose ..
Just as soft as the velvety petal ..
Just as sweet as the honey's nectar..

        Just for you ..  the love of my life!!

Just  you, to spend all of my time ..
Just  you I want  in my world..
Just  you to share my life ..

        Just for you ..  the love of my life!!

Just you and me, and dinner for two..
Just you and me, on the moonlight beach ..
Just you and me , throughout eternity!

I want you to know how very special you are to me
not only today .. but everyday .. You are always on
my mind .. making your presence known to me ..
in almost everything I do ... I wouldn't want  it any
other way ... I love the feeling I have inside . each time
I think of your name  .. the butterflies in my stomach ..
when I imagine your touch!  Oh Yes,   this is a feeling
I can keep with me forever!  Thank you for entering
my life and giving me these  wonderful feelings!!

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Copyright 1999 Vicki Russell RUSSELLCONNECTION

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