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Our Ray of Sunshine
On a Cloudy Day!!

Kirsten Lynn Eldridge
gift was given:  Feb. 10, 1997
gift was taken: Dec 30, 1999

Our children come into our lives
touch our hearts and souls
and start to build memories

No matter the pain, the frustration,
the sleepless hours
they are precious from the very first moment

Some blessings we enjoy for a lifetime
some for much shorter than we desire
but none the less .. they are blessings

The memories will last a lifetime
the love we feel will last forever
these blessings will NEVER be forgotten

We can dwell on the pain, the loss,
but that makes us sad and miserable
although we can't put those feelings aside

We can think on the love,
the good times .. the smiles,
the laughs .. the happy moments

and still find that we can count our blessings
one by one .. memory by memory
smile by smile and still feel the love we shared.

Kirsten left this world as a result of a fire.
Leaving behind, her mommie (Stacey) and daddy (Jason)
who love her very much and forever.
She also left behind  her loving sisters:
Kimberly and Ashley
and her brother:  Nicholas
And Kirsten, Mamaw Ruth and Papaw Steve misses you very much, too

Kirsten .. they are sending you ...
ALL their love today .. tomorrow..
and everyday forever! ... 

May the Lord guide and keep you .. daily!

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Angels Among Us

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