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You and I have made mistakes
both are wrong ... both are right
I apologize to you, you apologize to me,
I forgive you  .....
I want you, I hope you want me, too.

Why must we be apart,
Please do not pretend to be so strong
you know where to find me,
come with me, let your pride go away
after all, I am waiting anxiously for you

Maybe you want to be apart from me
and feel you no longer need me
but it is too late for me, you are a part of me
so, let's not continue to ignore each other
Let's turn back ...... and be as we were before!?!

I will be waiting ..........................

From JC to PB




Our relationship with others is so fragile
never knowing what the other one
is truly thinking or feeling.
We may do things or say things
that hurt them .. not meaning to
sometimes not even thinking it through
but the damage is done ...
if we are the ones that have gotten hurt ..
we, might not ever really say ..
why .. or what made us feel this way .....
expecting the other person ..... to just KNOW!

Sound familiar!?!?..... what can we do !?!?
We can start by actually loving each other,
caring what make each other happy..
then communicating all the positive things
that makes us feel so good!!
And not being afraid to say .. "out of love"
you hurt my feelings .. or I wish you wouldn't do that
We are not perfect..... we after all ... are human..
with that comes all the traits of selfishness, greed,
lust, envy, jealousy, and the greatest ability
to hurt others with our tongues!!!

But we all want to be loved
for who we are
to be accepted
for who we are
to know that we are perfect
to those who love us
(well .... almost perfect!!! )
so ........COMMUNICATION is the key
Good communication!!

TO YOU ... I wish that .. you will go .. today
and tell all of those you love ..

..... I love you
.... I think you are great
... my life is so much better .. now that you are in it
... I wouldn't want to spend another day with out you
... I love you JUST the way you are
.... I am sure you can think of a hundred things to write here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good LUCK!!!!!!!!

"do unto others as you would want them to do unto you"

Copyright 1999 Vicki Russell aka Vicki Mullett RussellConnection

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