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As We Begin 1999

by Stanley Shotz  ©1999

 We who are Americans, share in a number of uniquely
important cultures.
Through our heritage , we participate in the many
diverse magnificent old world
cultures that have come from every country
of Europe and Asia. Many of those
old world nations no longer exist by their original names
but we carry on those
traits which have their roots going back many generations
and year after year-
we  are all proud of our inheritance.
 The music, arts and sciences that first
developed in far away places years
ago, our people have brought to the new world and we
have held onto those
cultural  treasures very dearly.
Nowhere in the history of mankind, has there
been recorded a greater contribution to our civilization,
than what the Americans have given to the modern world.
Our achievements which have produced
so many of the Nobel prize winners- in proportion
to our small world-wide
population ,is proof enough of the great talent
of learning  and skills that has
been achieved.
 Those of us privileged  to be the sons and daughters,
grandsons and granddaughters of the courageous
immigrant generation that came to these
shores, offer  a special dimension to America.
We   have added to that whole
system of essential values that shaped the souls
of the people who helped build
America and in turn it has endowed  us with
a prosperity and a strength which
we could not have earned without their cultures.
 They taught us an unshakable respect; for family;
for the obligations to the
elderly; as well as for the obligation to provide
for the children one brings
into this world.  They taught us the dignity of
hard work, a shameless, bold
patriotism, an inner strength for devotion for
charitable concerns and an
almost  unquestioned religious conviction.
 Most of all they taught us selflessness;
the capacity to bear pain for a
generation, so that the next generation could live better;
the capacity to
give;  they taught us love.
Bearing the proud distinction of being identified
as Italian-Americans; Hispanic-Americans;
Chinese-Americans and dozens of other
nationalistic backgrounds - that is  what we
Americans are  and that is  what we
are proud to be. And if we are wise, that is what we
will show and share with
the world-all of  us together as one people -
as we begin the year 1999 and pray
to live in peace and understanding.


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give you one of my notes as gift :
I see the time passing by , and ask myself ,
am I an traveler ?
Or owner of a moment of being seen ?
I see the blue blue sky everywhere as the same ,
and asked myself ,
is it a dream to be ,
and see the wonder of life each god's day.
I was trying to find out why , but I found out :
I'm not alone to do this try .
The moments are making it , nothing else ,
no logic , no plan , just the moments.
so here we are , still at the start ,
to find out the senses of each others day .
So nice , so clear, like heaven to be ,
to feel , and to know : we are all the same:
Gods childrens , so powerful like him ,
so sensitive like him , and simply , a part of him :-)
I wish you all the best and good luck :-)
Reza Sadafi from Iran ,
living in germany ,
Email : .



We pretended to be happy
While inside we knew the truth
Since nothing seemed to be working
Our time was often spent
With forced smiles and laughter

We tried to fix the problems
But always treated each other wrong
Our times together were slowly decreasing
And we spent more time with others
To try to hide our changed feelings

"Friends" was the word we used
For now but not forever
Although we know we'll always be more than that
And in time we might return
To the love we once knew

sent to me by .....
Chrissy Dalessandro 


Oh Vicki my dear, as I sit at this screen
I've come to realize what "addictions" mean
I'm addicted to urls, messages and such
And hearing from cyber friends
I've grown to love so much.
I'm addicted to uh-oh I'm addicted to crash
I'm aware that doing housework is now done on the dash :o)
I'm also aware, don't worry - I know it
One of my talents is not as a poet!!
We don't always get the chance to thank those who
compose and construct the urls that bring us so
much joy  so here's a great big Aussie THANKYOU  LOL

Sent to me by .....
H & J Wett 

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