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I enjoyed your site. I live in Utah and to make a long story short here I go.
On November 7th this year my 17 year old niece Bethany and her 20 year
old sister Megann and boyfriend were sitting at a light 2 blocks away
from home 2 a.m.after a family party when a car pulled up and fired 6
shots into their car. Bethany was in the back seat leaning forward
talking to Megann when it happened. Bethany was hit by one bullet out of
6. She died in Megann's arms in less than 10 minutes. The shooting was
labled as a case of mistaken identity and no one has been charged. My 9
year old son Remington was very close to her. His class got together and
made cards for him and he gave them to his Aunt Merlinda. Inclosed in
one of the cards was a poem a little girl wrote (Geraldine Archie) and
Megann was so touched by it that she read it at the funeral. I thought
maybe you might like it.


It breaks my heart to lose you
But you didn't go alone.
A part of me went with you
The night God took you home.
A million times I've missed you
A million times I've cried.
If my love could of saved you
You never would of died.
Now to your grave I travel
The roses placed with care.
No on understands my heartache
As I turn and leave you there.
If tears could build a stairway
And heartaches could build a lane.
I'd walk the path to heaven
And bring you back again.

Thank you... Carol Clark
Salt Lake City Utah


As I look upon my past deed I find remorse and forgetfulness
I find a profusion of sensations and feelings captured
In a past which I can not recover, but only remember
My eyes brimming with tears can only see the false doings of myself
But my heart can look upon the truth
Alone, I am one, oblivious to the truth
I am able to see only objects of reality
But of objects of passion and desire, I am blinded.

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Nightmares lie on reality's brink.
Real or not? Or a real dream.
So get on your knees and take a drink,
From our ever ebbing, flowing stream.

Limb from limb,
Tree to tree,
My dreams stem
From your decree.

Pitch black night,
Dreamless day,
Pure delight,
Here as you lay.

When ravens weep
Upon your door,
And your mind creeps
Through ancient lore.

When night falls,
And darkness shrouds,
And the Sandman calls
From amongst the clouds.

When these things are come and then are gone,
Then hurry, hurry to the streams,
For all too soon comes the dawn,
But, please, do not drown in your dreams.

If you died there as you lie,
You would not see the next day come,
You could not see the morrow's sky;
You end your life before its sum.

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I wrote this poem for my cousin, Derrek, after he was hit by a truck and
killed while getting off the school bus this past May. He was only 11
years old.

Don't cry for me, for I am here.
Never stop reaching for me, I'll always be near.
I am every star in the night's skies
that seem to shine in daddy's eyes.
I am the comfort of a spring shower.
I am in the bright colors in a newly bloomed flower.

Don't cry for me, I'll never go.
I am the happiness brought in a summer rainbow.
Through the leaves I am the fluttering sunlight.
I am the never-ending flame, forever burning bright.
I am the angel now who watches over you.
Guide and protect, that is what I do.

Please don't be crying still.
I needed your stregnth then, and I always will!

By: Lindsay Lucas age: 15
Indian Head, MD

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hello there,
i loved your sight and was surprise to see a request to read other peoples
poems. thank you for that opportunity i am enclosing one i wrote to and for my
wife. i hope you like it as much as i did writing it.
your friend

For a beautiful lady

As we stand
Hand in hand
We have been together for many years
We walk as one hand in hand
There is no job to big
And no challenge to small
Because we are as one
We have cried together, laughed together and shared joys and sorrows together
Because we are as one
The years we share and the years we will share
Are but a moment in time
For true love has no end
Because we are as one
The roads were tough at times
And at times there was no easy end in sight
But we made it through those hard times
Because we are as one
The things we have accomplished
And the love we have built
Was a much easier task
Because we are as one
There will be many years to come
For us to share and love one another
And they will be filled with great love and friendship
Because we are as one
So you see what I am saying to you when I look into your eyes
Our lives were joined together and our hearts were made into one
Because we are as one
If I didn't have you at my side
I would never again be able to say
We are as one
So as long as you are at my side
I can say to you my darling
Because we are as one

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