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Writings by Lisa

When there is no-one to depend on; no future to hold;
no one else to turn to, when you grow old,

Why is it suddenly you have wasted away?

There is no one there to make you want to stay.
you always needed someone, but was too busy to seek.

When you played your life away and
realized there was no turning back;
will you wish it would have been different,
for it was Love you shouldn't have lacked.

The moral of this story is to think before you act.

If we know what the future holds,
we know we can't turn back.

Love in your life now, and try to keep it strong,
for to look back in the past; we will suddenly see it is gone.

Well here are my tears again, sliding down my face,
somewhere in this old small world, someday I'll find my place.

Heaven is waiting, but I'm not yet ready;
and GOD won't call me home, my heart is hurting,
the pain is growing and I feel so all alone.

Come hold me baby till I stop shaking,
tell me I'll be all right, tell me
there is a beautiful morning to end this lonely night.
I need you here beside me to help lighten my heavy load,
just to put your arms around me,
to warm me when I'm cold.
I'll treat you fair,
I'll always care,
I'll meet you more than halfway:
you'll be loved dearly, you'll always see clearly,
just why I need you to stay.
I'll never hate you,
I'll never bait you,
and I'll try and not to make you mad.

I'll always love you deep in my heart ...
it is just missing you that makes me sad.

I know now, every year that suddenly slips by,
so quietly, deadens the day
your supposed to be joyous, on the fact of growing old;
but yet, sadly losing time.

Tell me, will my present memories,
reflect when I am even older?
And shall I think back to the days of my childhood,
when I impatiently was waiting to grow
old and never counting time?

So now a little older, and grown more aware,'s memories, are what builds my souls wisdom,
and keeps those memories, safe an so rare.
Counting the hearts battlescars, have I been fair?
Should I dare, have a mind even care

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