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My Friend, Naveen

i dedicate this poem to my best friend Naveen
who had never turned her back to me,
she was always beside me,
and i want to thank her for all she did

as i look back to the past years
i cannot control my tears
losing a very wonderful best friend
is a very horrible fear

but here my friend NAVEEN
dont be upset.....
as we will remain friens forever untill the end

i still remember........
the way we use to hold our hands
when something really unexpected thing has to come
but as we hold each other the difficulties changes in fun

though we are different in so many ways
you are beautiful, while i am not

you are popular i am not
but still you consider me as your best friend
and today i thank you for loving me so much

i still remember................
how you use to fight
the day came when first time u fell down
i coul'nt control myself n started clapping
but today my friend...........i applijyze for that..........i am sorry

while thinking about you
so many memories came into my mind
chatting on phone for more than an hour
and about your call at 4am only to wish me happy birthday
i felt so important that moment not felt in so many years
and for this my best friend...............i thank you
when ever i'd need you
i know you would be there
for cheering me up when i am blue
for lending me a shoulder to cry on
and most of all i know you would be there
when every one will walk out

the time will come to say good-bye
at that time tears would be falling down my eye
but i wish upon the stars that this time would never come
and we'll be best freinds foever ....
untill the end

written by zohra

sent in by: zohra

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