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First borns' are very unique..
we learn ..  not be selfish because of them,
we learn .. to love because of them,
we learn  .. how to be good parents 
because of them

As parents we make all of our 
mistakes  with them
As we learn to be good parents
and yet they seem to survive!!! 

It would be great if WHEN
we had our first born
they came complete 
with directions  for life, 
to mold and shape them 
into GREAT people
and it would be GREAT 
if there was an instruction book
how how to be great parents

but somehow ....even with the mistakes,
the trials and errors ... 
they turn out to be WONDERFUL!
and capture our hearts
with their smiles!

I know ...... I believe MINE IS !!!!!! 
But some times .. 
we don't make them FEEL it
 as often as we should .. 
or as often as we would like!

THIS is to wish my first born
all the happiness there is,
to find peace of mind,
to be internally happy and content,
to smile each day and feel
the abundant love that 
our Lord has to give,

TO YOU my first Born:

I love you more than you 
will ever know !!
YOUR happiness is my peace of mind!
YOUR smile is my happiness!

Be Happy .. Feel Loved 
and SMILE!!

Today is just the beginning
of many wonderful memories
that tomorrow shall bring!

(((((((((((((( HUGS )))))))))))))))


April 7th, 2001

Marks the day of a new life
shared by two who have committed themselves
to share all of the tomorrows 
thru good times ... bad times ..
with respect .. love .. understanding!
Communication will get you thru
most anything .. when you combine
that with love, respect, unselfishness,
and putting the other person first,
you will find much happiness
and self contentment!

I know this day will be a great day for 
both of you .. Kyra and Brad!!
But it is also a very important day 
for me ... because it represents
the love that the two of you
are sharing and with that .. means
happiness and contentment 
Which are only a couple of the dreams
that I have had for you!!

Your happiness, Your Life
is so very important to me!
When you are happy
I am happy!!
so ........ MAKE ME VERY HAPPY .. please!!


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This page was written and created 
by Vicki Russell ©
on January 22, 2001
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Love can make you Happy !!