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As the Sun Sets

~~written by Vicki Russell

Our minds flash moments in time
some are fun .. some are sad ..
but each one makes our hearts
feel the loneliness of life
with that someone special gone

Dreams of times not shared
hopes unfulfilled
things unfinished
desires untold

Always sad to remember
when we know that there
are things that can no longer 
be changed or undone 

But instead of thinking of the many
things undone .. or regrets of things
we should have done differently
Our sanity depends on the 
happy memories of cherished times

The love that was shared!
the times we laughed ..
the times we played .. 
The things we said that 
brought a smile
a laugh
a twinkling of an eye

Those are the moments in time
 that we want to etch on our minds
So when we think of the love that is 
lost ... it isn't really lost .....
just held in a moment of time

And those thoughts are just as beautiful
as the colors in a sunset
or the color of a rose
the smell in the air
after a spring rain

Brings smiles aplenty
and warms the heart
makes you sigh with compassion
when remembering the love
of that someone special!!


DEDICATED to the many people
who have lost loved ones
and their memories linger on

What great memories!!!
To remember a touch
an embrace
a kind word!

A special look
a smile
a wink

ohhhhhhh .... what very pleasant memories!
that is what I want to remember!!!


Pray for Me .. Michael W. Smith
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